People don't always see the faces of those they help. Often our volunteers are the only ones who see the relief, the light of hope, the smile of sincere gratitude, and the joy of the families that walk out our door. Serving with Operation Provider affects our volunteers and supporters too.

Here are their stories, and with almost 30 years of services, you can only imagine how this will grow as we give each experience a voice.


“I have been hungry. Not the "I sure could use a bite to eat" hungry, but the "I might have to see a doctor" hungry. You may think this is hyberbole, but it was not. I lost a hundred pounds in less than 6 months. 

 "Hi! I'm Andy and I'm a volunteer for Operation Provider. I have lived on the mountain for four and a half years. I have been a volunteer for a little over two years. I keep coming back for a few different reasons, but mostly because I have been there, I know what it's like. I know the feeling of embarrassment, the stigma and the hunger. I come for the people, all of them, their needs being fulfilled, their stomachs having sustenance and the smiles that make each and every Tuesday and Thursday sail right by. I want to make the clients feel welcome as the volunteers before me did for me.”

 Andy, an Operation Provider client-turned-volunteer


“I moved to the mountains with my wife Lisa and two children from San Diego 15 years ago after a successful career in the Aerospace Industry as a prototype machinist. After a devastating back injury I came to OP for help and with a big smile they calmed my fears and made me feel welcome. More important they helped feed my family until my disability payments started. I have volunteered at OP for 12 years to give back to a community that has given so much to me and my family.”

Dan, an Operation Provider client-turned-volunteer


“After teaching for 38 years, I retired to Lake Arrowhead. Looking for a way to give back to my new community, I came to Operation Provider to talk to Holland and have now been here for 8 years. In addition to helping with food, I run the utility assistance program which is a United Way project. We provide assistance with both SCE and SoCal Gas Co bills.”

Glenys, an Operation Provider volunteer



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